The economic and financial crisis most likely will dominate all political issues in the next year, the European election campaign inclueded. Greens are calling for a „Green New Deal“ – a global one, a European one also. Since economic and financial crisis doesn’t stop at national borders why should our political action?

That’s what the Heerlen-Group, the network for more cross-border cooperation of grassroots members within the European Green Party (EGP), will discuss under the title: „From Crisis to Campaign“ at its 7th annual meeting next weekend in Brussels.

I’m happy to chair Saturday morning’s panel with professor of economics Alfred Kleinknecht and Sven Giegold, my co-candidate for the North-Rhine-Westphalian Greens for the EP.

If you are in Brussels or around just come and join us. Further information can be found on the Heerlen Group’s website.